What is a Good Samaritan

10 Jul

Everyone says always says “why are you doing this for a person you don’t even know”. Well, some people can be very kind and some people can just be trying to get attention from others. Getting attention from other people isn’t always the correct path to go on, But doing what you do because the kindness that is in your heart is the right path to be on. Leading guiding and directing other people is a great thing to do in life to inspire other people to do what you do. In that moment you could become someones roll model, mentor, or guardian.(Depending on the situation at hand). We must begin to open our eyes to the kind and not shoo them away because you don’t feel right in that time being. Don’t be that person in high school who sits by themselves and doesn’t want to have a social life because of things that life can bring. BE THAT GOOD SAMARITAN. Good things will come in the future for people who do things, not for popularity or to “be cool”, that can change the community around them with the things that they do.Image

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